Education and income

My last two posts focused on the question of “Do we need more college grads?” and with education and unemployment. To further round out the picture today I want to look at data on education and income. Most studies that I have read seem to focus on the lifetime earnings “advantage” of a college degree. […]

Education and Unemployment

I posted earlier today on the issue of education and unemployment. In that post I suggested the a plot of the unemployment rate vs age by education would be a better plot than the one shown over at Calculated Risk. The plot above show that data based on calculations I did today using the 2011 […]

Do we need more college graduates?

Last week, after the release of the most recent jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Calculated Risk blog posted the image at the right showing the unemployment rate over the last twenty years by level of education for those age 25 and over. Bill made four comments about the graphic. Although education […]

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