Addressing income inequality – Charles Lane style

When a solution to a problem is proposed it is usually good practice to ask the simple question “What will doing this action accomplish?” Sometimes the answer is “nothing.” This past week an editorial appeared in the Washington Post by Charles Lane on the subject of income inequality. The auspicious title was “Fixing one driver […]

A potential Alzheimer’s test

Last week there was media abuzz about a potential Alzheimer’s test. The work was led by Howard Federoff, a professor of neurology and executive vice president for health sciences at Georgetown University Medical Center and published in Nature Medicine. I emailed the author over a week ago and requested a copy of the paper. I […]

Meaningless numbers on inheritance

Averages many times do not provide information. But when comparing the Untied States to the world by looking at only 15 counties I have to wonder what the authors of the piece posted at CNN titled “Average American inheritance: $177,000” with the byline “The United States is lagging behind other parts of the world when […]

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