AJC Analysis of School Testing Data – Is There Cheating?

This past Sunday the Atlanta Journal Constitution published a major article titled: “Cheating our Children.” This was a follow-up to their investigation into cheating on school tests in the Atlanta, Georgia a few years back. This time they tacked the difficult task of looking for evidence of cheating beyond the Atlanta area. Let me first […]

NBC Nightly News & Marriage – They Should Read the Report Then do the Reporting

The NBC Nightly News last night (Thursday March 22nd) reported on the state a marriage in the United States. The data they said came from “the government.” It did not take too much effort to identify the source. It was a new report put out by the National Center for Health Statistics(NCHS) under the Center […]

Choosing the Best Data for the Analysis at Hand

There are times when there is more than one data set that can be used to conduct the analysis that the researcher is focused on. Other times there is only one source of data. Today I was surprised when I visited the Census Bureau website and read their “Stat of the Day.” The title was […]

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