Wages, Simpson’s paradox and the complexity of statistical analysis

I spotted this good description of Simpson’s paradox in the trend data on wages over at the Inside-R blog today. Revolution Analytics did a good job explaining how Simpson’s paradox applies. At every education level median wages declined. However, for all people median wages have increased over the same time period. The reason for the […]

Income Mobility

This past week there were a number of stories on income mobility in the United States. The work these reports were based on was a paper titled: “The Economic Impacts of Tax Expenditures: Evidence from Spatial Variation Across the U.S.” out of Harvard and the University of California. Interestingly, based on the title, the main […]

Fish oil and prostate cancer

A week or so ago the media was telling us about a new study linking omega-3 and prostate cancer. The local news folks were suggesting that we might all want to do without those fish oil capsules. The story on CCN was headlined: Hold the salmon: omega-3 fatty acids linked to higher risk of cancer. […]

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