Income inequality measures – Palma vs Gini

I spotted an article and accompanying graphic yesterday on income inequality around the world. The authors chose to use a relatively new measure of inequality called the Palma measure. A quick Google search showed that the push seems to be coming from Alex Cobham and Andy Sumner at the Center for Global Development. The current […]

Parity in the NFL

I sometimes wonder it editors read the stories they publish. I sometimes wonder if writers even think for a few minutes about the data they use when they write their stories. This morning I was greeted with the headline*: Five of the six NFC playoff clubs from a year ago are under .500. Parity reigns, […]

The probability of making the baseball playoffs

The other evening I heard that the Washington Nationals had a two percent change of making the playoffs. Naturally I wondered how someone had computed that probability. That led me to the site where all the numbers for all the teams are laid out for everyone to see. What is really nice is the […]

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