The Wealthy get Wealthier – Looking Deeper

After my last post I got to asking myself what should I see in the table in the Pew Research Center report on mean net worth. Specifically I was looking at the table on the right and asking what to expect for the percent change in mean net worth for those with a net worth […]

The Wealthy get Wealthier

The headlines this week read “Richest are getting richer.” This was based on the report from the Pew Research Center which in turn used on data on wealth released by the Census Bureau from the Survey of Income and Program Participation(SIPP). The report from the Pew Research Center was titled: An Uneven Recovery, 2009-2011 – […]

Cost of Child Care Going Up – Is That the Right Story?

A few days back I spotted the graphic on the right in the Washington Post. It was a stand alone graphic with no article to explain the image. But the graphic does send a powerful message that the cost of child care has gone up substantially in the past 25 years. But as it turns […]

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