Romney – manufacturing jobs ad – How not to do bar graphs

The Romney campaign has come out with an add critical of the Obama administration on the status a manufacturing jobs in the United States vs those in China. Whoever put together the graphics for the ad must have spend a great deal of time studying how to lie with graphics for the graphics in the […]

West Nile Virus – How Bad is it?

The Washington Post ran a story on September 12th titles “Does the West Nile outbreak signal an epidemic of viral epidemics? Yes and no.” Somewhere in the process of writing there was a disconnect between the written content and the graphic that accompanies the piece. The graphic is mostly meaningless and uses questionable data. The […]

Are you better off now?

In the current political campaigns the issue of how are you doing now as compared to when Obama took office has become a recurring question. But how does one answer the question. By its very nature it is a very personal question. It does not ask is the nation better off? It does not ask […]

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