Addressing income inequality – Charles Lane style

When a solution to a problem is proposed it is usually good practice to ask the simple question “What will doing this action accomplish?” Sometimes the answer is “nothing.” This past week an editorial appeared in the Washington Post by Charles Lane on the subject of income inequality. The auspicious title was “Fixing one driver […]

Accuweather’s 45 day forcasts – How do we evaluate them?

Last August Accuweather extended their long range forecasts from the previous 30 days out to 45 days. They are now claiming they can predict the weather a month and half into the future with the degree of accuracy that they are worthy of publication. I had serious doubts as to just how good those forecasts […]

Do you really know the number that accurately?

I was looking at the list of potentially hazardous asteroids at yesterday. The site provides a variety of information on the state of the sun, aurora forecasts, on current and future comets, and at the bottom of the page they provide a table listing recent and upcoming earth-asteroid encounters. It is a neat and […]

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