How Not to Collect Data

The local media yesterday was reporting on a survey conducted by AAA, 495 Express Lanes and Orange Cones No Phones on cell phone use and accidents in constructions zones. I was greeted with the following from WUSA: According to a 495 Express Lanes and Orange Cones. No Phones survey of 402 law enforcement officers in […]

Are the 1% to be Blamed – Fortune Says No!

The April 30, 2012 issue of Fortune includes an article by Nina Easton titled “Don’t blame the 1% for America’s pay gap.” The piece was published on line by CNN. The primary thesis seem to be an exoneration of the 1% by saying that they are “a group of hard-driving workaholics who tend to have […]

The Recovery – The Women vs. The Men

Not long ago Romney was making the case that women have been disproportionately impacted by the current recession. This week a CNN blog posted an item ” Where have all the women’s jobs gone?” See the more in depth article here. They were making a twofold case it seemed. First the author of the piece, […]

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