Who pays the most taxes? A worthless graphic

I spotted this graphic over at CNN tonight. But they don’t get the real credit as it came from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The full CNN article is here, and the interactive graphic is here. It is hard to imagine how to construct a less informative graphic to compare tax rates around […]

Settled science, climate change and Charles Krauthammer

This past Friday the Washington Post published an opinion piece by Charles Krauthammer titled “The myth of ‘settle science.’” In it Krauthammer takes the position the he is neither a global warming believer nor a global warming denier. But then he spend almost the entire piece attacking claims of global warming. Perhaps he feels that […]

How not to present data on natural disasters

As part of the course on energy and climate change that I’m working through on Coursera we were referred to a site listing a summary of natural disasters. Knowing the number, type and frequency of various types of natural disasters is very useful information especially when thinking about what impact climate change may have on […]

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