Who pays the most taxes? A worthless graphic

I spotted this graphic over at CNN tonight. But they don’t get the real credit as it came from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The full CNN article is here, and the interactive graphic is here. It is hard to imagine how to construct a less informative graphic to compare tax rates around […]

Fish oil and prostate cancer

A week or so ago the media was telling us about a new study linking omega-3 and prostate cancer. The local news folks were suggesting that we might all want to do without those fish oil capsules. The story on CCN was headlined: Hold the salmon: omega-3 fatty acids linked to higher risk of cancer. […]

Are you better off now?

In the current political campaigns the issue of how are you doing now as compared to when Obama took office has become a recurring question. But how does one answer the question. By its very nature it is a very personal question. It does not ask is the nation better off? It does not ask […]

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