Who pays the most taxes? A worthless graphic

I spotted this graphic over at CNN tonight. But they don’t get the real credit as it came from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The full CNN article is here, and the interactive graphic is here. It is hard to imagine how to construct a less informative graphic to compare tax rates around […]

Metro fare comparsions – Graphics that don’t work

The Washington Post did a piece on Sunday discussing a potential fare increase for the Washington DC area Metro system. As part of that article they included a graphic comparing the costs of various subway systems across the country. The graphic fails on several key points. The presentation of the graphic is complicated because the […]

Income inequaltiy – Change the list

Last summer CCN asked readers to vote for topics from a long list of social issues. The five topics with the highest vote counts were selected for future stories. This became their “Change the List” series. This week they posted the piece on income inequality titled “The most unequal place in America.” While the issue […]

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